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Six 1/6 Pot Wet Well Bain Marie - BAIN0006

Product Description:

24 Litre Six 1/6 Pot Wet Well Bain Marie (Electric)

This six 1/6 pot wet well Bain Marie, comes with an accurate 5 point thermostatic control. This helps to hold your food at your desired temperature for as long as you need it.

Unlike the gel fuel powered Bain Marie's, this electric model will ensure a continuous supply of steadily applied heat.

Being a wet Bain Marie, additional moisture is provided by the internal reservoir, keeping your food tender and hot without drying it out.

Stainless steel lids and spacer bar Included.

Product Specifications:

• Dimensions: 335x535x280mm (WxDxH)

• Power: 1200w (Single phase 13amp plug)

1 years back to base warranty

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